Drake and Rick Ross: A Friendship Defined by Memorable Collabs

Drake and Rick Ross: A Friendship Defined by Memorable Collabs

Canadian rap superstar Drake and Florida hip-hop veteran Rick Ross have been friends and collaborators for over a decade. Their musical chemistry has yielded some classic tracks that represent the best of both artists. In a recent interview, Ross reflected on his fondest memory working with Drake – their smash hit “Stay Schemin'” from 2012.


The Making of a Drake-Ross Hit Single

As Ross recounted, Drake personally came by the studio while Ross and French Montana were constructing the beat for “Stay Schemin'”. Drake immediately started writing to the instrumental, laying down his iconic verse on the spot. Ross pointed to this freewheeling creative process as emblematic of Drake’s versatility and their natural musical rapport.

The vibe of “Stay Schemin'” encapsulates the appeal of Drake and Ross’ collaborations. Over a hazy, lush beat by The Beat Bully, Drake snaps with vicious bars aimed at Common while Ross anchors the track with his signature rich vocal presence. The single off Ross’ mixtape “Rich Forever” became an instant classic, rising to #58 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Why Their Collab Chemistry Clicks

Beyond “Stay Schemin'”, Drake and Ross have joined forces on numerous other hits over the past decade. Songs like “Made Men,” “Money in the Grave,” and “Gold Roses” all showcase the duo’s impeccable chemistry.

Several factors contribute to their collaborative success:

  • Shared sensibilities – Though from different regions and generations, Drake and Ross gravitate towards similar sounds – trap-influenced production, soulful samples, and lyrics emphasizing luxury and hustle. Their musical tastes align.
  • Complementary skills – Lyrically, Ross provides grimy street tales while Drake brings youthful angst and melody. Drake’s singing balances Ross’ gruff voice. Their contrasting styles complete each other.
  • Mutual respect – Having collaborated for so long, Drake and Ross share an admiration both ways. Ross praises Drake’s artistic flexibility while Drake values Ross as an OG. Their mutual respect breeds great work.


The Future Holds More Blockbusters

Ross recently hinted that he, Drake, and Meek Mill have more music coming soon. If their track record is any indication, we can expect more certified anthems. Drake and Ross each understand how to bring out the best in the other. For over 10 years strong, their collaborative chemistry has yielded timeless music. “Stay Schemin'” represented a special moment that still lives fondly in Ross’ memory. Yet their friendship suggests plenty more magical musical moments lie ahead.

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